Alma Rares

Bard Half-elf, long brown hair, hates confrontation


Born in a human town Alma was the odd one out, though in her eyes that made her intrinsically better than those around her. Her father was an elven adventurer, her mother a human merchant.
The dad left without knowing he fathered a child, and if he found out he never made any effort to connect. Living with her mother, Alma would help manage the shop. Watching her mother haggle, she came to appreciate (or obsess) over rare magical items. She learned from her mother that all things have a value, living and nonliving.

While helping her mother run the shop, Alma met a vast ensemble of characters. Wise old wizards, stocky brutes, and tricksters that could steal your dignity while leaving you none the wiser. One such man she met was (bard pun). He was a bard, with a lyre in hand he was able to charm anybody out of their cash. Alma was drawn to his ability to take a man’s purse and befriend him at the same time and learned from him the tricks of the trade.But he was hardly a great role model. He was a hardcore gambler, winning big then losing bigger. He would swindle a man out of his purse, lose it, then swindle the man some more. He taught Alma that a man is only as valuable as his potential payout.

Alma inherited her mentor’s love of gambling, as well as his tendency to lose. Unlike her mentor, she took money from the wrong types. When she was unable to recuperate losses they came after her. After a few rough situations she decided that now was the best time to leave town. And so she did, with nothing but her lute and the clothes on her back she ran away. Hitching rides with caravans using the scared half elf trick or by charming the drivers, she went from town to town looking for ways to get the next big payday.

Alma Rares

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