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Capital of Yadav

Very beautiful, majestic town. Has three different layers: Lower Quarters, , Outer City, and Inner City. The poor people are not allowed to be within the city itself, but they took it upon themselves to start gathering around the perimeter of the city, just beyond the moat. The rich nobles of mixed races (except Dragonborns) live within the Outer City. The Dragonborns, all of whom are part of the Yadav Clan, live within the Inner City.

According to the townsfolk, the Capital used to be more welcoming, back when Zaveri still ruled the clan. He was open minded and accepted people of all races. After his death, Garodya, Sare’s husband from another Dragonborn family, took over and began changing Yadav town into just like the other Dragonborn cities—full of pride and haughtiness about their birthright.

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