First Adventure

The Story So Far...

Alma Rares and Radal the Tenacious arrive at the Port Town of Yadav, seeking their newest adventure. On the way to the inn, they were ambushed by 5 goblins in a narrow alley, but Alma and Radal were seasoned fighters and by coordinating their attacks well, they were quickly able to dispose of the enemies.

After getting rested in the town’s dingy-looking inn, they decided to head to the pub next door, owned by Bagamul, a shifter. Realizing fully that the town is full of shady and dangerous characters, they decided to eat their breakfast in peace, when a lonesome Tiefling caught Alma’s eyes. The Tiefling introduced herself as Marsh the Mellow, and told Alma of an abandoned looking house she found while scouting the city; she believed that there were treasures inside, but as a sorcerer, she decided that she needed some help. Seeing that Alma was a bard and had healing capabilities, as well as her imposing looking Dragonborn friend, she asked them if they were willing to help her out and split the loot with her. Alma agreed, only after she was able to settle that it would be an even split for them three. Radal could feel that Marsh and Alma seemed to be having some sort of friction, but decided to stay silent and oblivious about it.

They arrived at the abandoned house and found that it wasn’t totally abandoned after all, as Marsh had expected. Inside they found a Human Raider and his slaves. As a devout follower of Avandra, Marsh decided to use her words to persuade most of the slaves to seek their freedom; after talking the slaves to retreat, she then moved away from the majority of the battle and explored the house on her own, leaving Alma and Radal to take care of the Raider. On the bookshelf, Marsh found an adventurer’s log book and found out that the house had a human owner. Before killing the Raider, Marsh asks him what happened to its previous owner, and was told that they had murdered him and thrown his remains in the fireplace. After the exchange of this information, Radal cleaved the Raider in half.

Once they thought the house was cleared, they examined the fireplace and found a dagger with a dragon shaped hilt. No one is quite sure if this dagger was of any significance. Alma just remembered that she heard a reward was out for whoever can find the Dragon Dagger, but has no idea to whom it should be returned to. Radal, knowing that the Dragon Dagger was a piece of historical artifact of his people, wanted it for himself. In the end, they all decided to keep it until they find out how best to deal with it.

Suddenly, they heard movement upstairs. They went to investigate and found a surprise encounter. The Raider’s brother, named Ragnik, decided to avenge his brother’s death and attacked them head on. After a few close calls, Marsh was able to deliver the final blow and rendered him unconscious, deciding to keep him alive for interrogation. Once he woke, however, they realized that he had no pertinent information—Rhogar, the dead Raider, was the leader and would have been the perfect person to interrogate. All they found out was that they were in a Dragonborn kingdom and that talking to the people at the Port Town might give them some clues. Alma shows her imperiously dark side when she decides to burn Ragnik alive, but as his screams pierce the sky, Marsh is forced to shoot the man in the heart to end his suffering quickly. Alma and Marsh share a long look of hatred for one another.

Back in the Port Town, the heroes question the townspeople about the adventurer, the dagger, and the Dragonborn kingdom. They find out that the ruling clan was the Yadav Dragonborn clan. They were once led by a just and loving leader, named Zaveri, who has since died from old age. He had a daughter, named Sare, having his same personality, but has recently gone into seclusion after her marriage to Garodya, a fellow Dragonborn from a distant kingdom. They were told that the dagger belongs to them, and a reward of 10 pounds of silver was to be rewarded to whoever can slay the thief who stole it and return the dagger. They also found out a little about the human adventurer, but nothing conclusive. To some, he was a bad man—a thief who stole from foreigners. To some, he was a kind man who gave them a share of his treasures from his adventures. After finding out all they can, they decided to head to the nearest city, the Capital of Yadav. They head out by a caravan, hitching a ride with the Stablemaster who was carrying some fishes and goods from the Port Town, but decided that halfway the trip they were going to explore the lands and journey the rest of the way on foot.

On their first night out with the caravan, they were attacked by monsters. The three heroes stand their ground and ready themselves for their next encounter…


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