First Adventure

Key Items

Adventurer’s Log Book:

The papers and notes inside aren’t damaged, but you see they are very dirty. Some pages are caked with mud. Some are torn.

  • You read quickly through it and realize it is a log book. The adventurer who had this book took notes of their adventures. Two things catch your eye—The last page is unfinished and quite bloodied. It talks about the adventurer’s latest heist. He was able to steal potions and some money from a group of bandits that was camping by the river near his home. They battled and he received several injuries. With the last of his strength, he was able to flee back to his house in hopes that they will give up chase. He was trying to rest, thinking he got away, but in the distance, he saw them approaching. It was only a matter of time before they get to him. He was able to put away some of his treasures before he faced his death.
  • Several pages before it was another unfinished entry. It’s torn in some places and you can barely see the ink now, but there is a map on how to get to the caves. Under it says “Many treasures! Gold —where! There is a— Regenerated. –cid helped, but I ran out,” The rest is illegible. Looks like someone spilled something on it.

Dragon Dagger

*Made entirely out of silver, with the handle in the shape of a dragon. Looks entirely decorative. Found from the Adventurer’s fireplace.

Adventurer’s Portrait

  • A portrait of a blonde human, with green eyes, and a visible scar just below his left jaw.


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